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      Our daily life
      Complex functional design and verification,
      Breakthroughs in fine chemicals are not easy,
      Equipment with Ultra-high precision and strong repeatability
      take lots of labor and time.
      We love nature, love life,
      but it has lasted for more than 20 years...
      Semiconductors are full of details and test human's endurance,
      It is also full of charm, attracting us to spend more and more every day,
      So each other becomes old friends.
      Products and Services
      Epoxy Molding Compound

      JEDEC Tray


      Shipping Tube

      Plating solutions

      Carrier Tape

      PET Film


      Cover Tape

      Release Film

      Mill (SC Series)

      Mill (MSC Series)


      Transfer Molding System

      Reflow Soldering Machine

      Fully Automated WLP Molding System

      Polishing machine

      GaAs VGF Furnace

      Trim I Forming System

      Exposure Equipment

      Wire Cutting Equipment

      X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

      Laser Scatering Particle Size Distribution

      Carbon I Sulfur Analyzer

      Scanning Acoustic Microscope

      Temperature Characteristic Evaluation

      Microfigure Measuring Instrument

      Temperature Cycle Chamber

      Environmental Test Chamber

      Ultrathin Film Tester

      Solderability Tester

      Insulation Degradation Measurement System

      X-RAY Tester

      Capacitor Life Evaluation System

      High Voltage Tester

      Multi-channel Insulation Resistance Tester

      Laser Scatering Particle Size Distribution

      Electronic Material
      We supply materials as |
      With hazardous products business license
      Wet chemical
      Electronics Gas
      Wheels I SiC I Paste
      Molding Compound I Cleaning material
      Protective Films I Functional Films
      Packing Materials I Recycling
      Semiconductor Equipment
      Rich Experience focus on |
      Poly-Si Material Cleaning
      GaAs I InP Ingot Growth
      Ingot Wire Slicer
      Wafer Etcher I WET Bench I Dryer
      Material Mill I Wafer Grinder I Polisher
      Tape Mounter I Tape Remover
      Bonder I Sintering I Reflow I Furnace
      Mold Press I Mold I Mold Cleaner I Mold Wax
      Deflash I Plating I TF
      eCeramic Components line-up
      Inspection Instrument
      We have much sales achievements |
      A wide range of testing instruments in
      Ingot I Wafer I Epi I Device I Chip I Module process for
      Si I SiC I GaN I GaAs I InP I Ge I Ceramic I LT I LN I Sapphire

      Such as
      Carbon and Sulfur Analyzers for Organic I Inorganic materials
      Particle Sizing Tester
      Wafer Particle Counter
      Wafer Surface Inspection
      Highly accurate and stable Roughness Measuring Instrument
      Ultrasonic Scanning Microscope I X-ray I CT
      Automatic Image Measurement System
      Push I Pull I Share bonding
      Film Strength Tester
      Con-focus Microscope
      Rotor magnet fixing technology with new materials
      High speed?+?high thermal conductivity?+?high mechanical strength?
      +?high adhesion+?high heat resistance?+?environmental resistance
      +?creep resistance, etc.
      Instead of insulating paper + coil integral plastic seal
      + new coil direct cooling structure design
      high heat dissipation + suppression coil vibration + science structure
      + free design + small + lightweight.?
      The overall packaging | saving the cost of working procedure | miniaturization |lightweight
      All-in-one sealing technology | high reliability | process saving |
      cost reduction | small size | light weight
      eVTOL (=Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing)
      Resin composite technology enables compactness|Lightweight design
      OSAT Sevice
      Productivity Level I Production Efficiency I Marketing Efficiency
      vary from country to country.
      Productivity Level I production Efficiency I Marketing Efficiency?
      vary?in different industries.
      Productivity Level I Production Efficiency I Marketing Efficiency?
      are different due to different enterprises.
      Higher production and Marketing Efficiency can greatly improve
      the competitiveness of enterprises.
      As the assistant of semiconductor industry, we organize
      better and faster collaboration.
      In addition to materials I equipments I instruments, we provide
      OSAT services, international technology trade and services.
      Be a supplier to customers, be a customer to customers,
      Be a supplier to a supplier, we stand on each other's position,
      handle and solve problems.
      We Are Solutions.
      Chips made by China to Overseas
      Exportation of Electronic Devices
      with increasing cost performance are being increasing

      RC-IGBT Wafer I Chip
      SiC Wafer I Chip
      MOSFET Wafer I Chip
      Electrolytic Capacitors
      MLCC I LTCC I HTCC Ceramic Components
      ABS MCU

      The needs of the times are the direction of our efforts
      Signing and enforcing confidentiality regulations is mandatory
      Contact Us
      +86-10-6505-5534 (Beijing) +86-22-5883-5526 (Tianjin)
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